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Some of My Stuff
This is my 1919 Advance Rumely 16-30H Oil Pull tractor. I bought at an auction in Wisconsin in 1994.   It is pretty much complete and it took very little to get it to run.


I spent a two and a half years restoring this 1927 Hart Parr 28-50 tractor. It had been sitting in a field for about thirty five years exposed to the elements. The engine was completely seized and the fenders had rusted off. I completely disassembled the tractor, cleaned all the parts, made many new parts, reassembled and painted the tractor.

This is an Appleton drag saw I bought in Wisconsin. It was made in Batavia, Illinois around 1900 and it is being powered by a Myrick Eclipse hot tube engine that belongs to a friend of mine. The log can be moved closer to or further away from the saw blade by moving a lever that engages cone clutches that turn a sprocket that the log
sits on.

I bought this R 38 Silver King at the Oscar Cook Auction in Billings, Montana. I had it sandblasted a I am currently rebuilding the engine.

Other stuff not pictured:

Clark three wheel dump truck (missing dump box)
Fairbanks Morse Jack Jr. (with factory mounted typhoon pump)
Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 hp headless on factory cart
3 hp headless Witte
8 hp Worthington