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    After the shovel made it to its new home the roof and sides were taken off the machinery deck. The plate decking that makes up the floor will have to be replaced. Other than that most of the working parts are in good shape.

    This is a picture from a Marion catalog of the hoisting engine. This two cylinder engine also provides power for moving the shovel and raising the boom. A smaller two cylinder horizontal engine is mounted next to this engine for providing power for revolving the upper works and boom.

    In the first picture my dad is getting ready to cut a track pin so the tracks can be removed from the frame. The second picture shows a portion of the track after all the track pins have removed.

    This is the bottom side of the undercarriage framework. The heavy grease has been removed from all of the tracks and undercarriage so that they can be sand blasted.

Check back soon to see these parts sand blasted and painted.