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    These are some postcards that I have collected of different steam shovels doing work. The description below  each card is the description that is printed on the back of that card.

Strip coal mine, Madisonville, Ky.

World's largest open pit mines, Minnesota Arrowhead country

Largest Steam Shovel in the World, Pittsburgh, Kansas

Loading Sherman Gravel, Near Buford, Wyo.
"On Line of Union Pacific."

A 95-ton steam-shovel at work in Panama Canal. This shovel has a capacity of about 5 cubic yards and when the dipper is full of mixed rock and earth it weighs about 8 tons, which is about 5 two-horse cart loads. One of these shovels has taken out over 8,000 tons of material in a day.

Loading a dirt train on the Panama Canal. The large dump train is composed of about 25 cars and the average load is about 725 tons. The cars are dumped by compressed air and a whole train is cleared in about 30 minutes.

An Accident. Wreck of Large Steam-Shovel at Bas Obispo.

Steam-Shovel, In a rock cut, on the Panama Canal.
Shovels such as this removed about 30,000,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock from Culebra Cut during 1912.