These are pictures I took when I attended the Rumely Products Collector's Expo at Georgetown, Ohio in 1995. Every year the Rumely Products Collectors have a gathering at different parts of the country that includes products made by Rumely, Advance, Aultman Taylor, & Garr Scott. These companies became or were acquired by the Advance Rumely Company. For a more detailed history of these companies check out the Rumely Collector's News and Epping's Rumely and Other OLD Tractor's and Engines Home Page which can be found on my links page.

These two photos are of a Rumely 25-45 B Oil Pull. These tractors have two cylinder, horizontal engines that were designed to burn kerosene. The 25-45 refers to the horse power. This tractor was guaranteed to deliver 25 horse power on the draw bar and 45 on the belt.

These are four 30-60 E Oil Pulls. Note the different size radiators. The tractor in the first picture has a small radiator typical of the later tractors while the others have large radiators from the early design. The 30-60 E was built a lot like the 25-45 B. The B has smaller, 64" diameter rear wheels while the E's are 80" in diameter. The cylinder bore on the B is also smaller, 9 1/2" compared to the 10" bore on the E. They both have a stroke of 12".

These are two 15-30 F Oil Pulls. Again the size of the radiator helps determine the age of the tractors. The F with the larger radiator is earlier. The F engine has the same bore and stroke as the E, but it has one cylinder instead of two. The tractor with the large radiator belongs to Rick Horning.

This is a 20-40 G. The large box on the front is the radiator. The exhaust from the engine is directed out the top of the radiator to induce a draft through the bottom. This cools the oil that is used to cool the engine.

This is a 14-28 H still in it's work clothes. The 14-28 H was later re-rated as the 16-30 H. The main difference between the 14-28 and the 16-30 is that the 14-28 uses low tension igniters while the 16-30 has a high tension magneto with spark plugs. The 14-28 also has square fuel and water tanks while the 16-30's are round.

This 12-20 K is the smallest of the heavy weight Oil Pulls. The heavy weights are the Oil Pulls built between 1910 and 1924. They have structural steel frames and are heavier per horse power than the later light weights which have stamped steel frames.

These are four light weights. Note the stamped steel frames and much more compact design.

This is an Ideal Pull made by Advance Rumely. It has a four cylinder engine, single front wheel drive and a two bottom mounted plow with power lift. This tractor belongs to Rick Horning.

The M. Rumely Company acquired the Universal Tractor Company in 1912. They sold the Universal tractor as the Gas Pull. This tractor is rated at 15-30 horse power and has a two cylinder opposed engine.

This is a Rumely Do All convertible tractor. This tractor could be used as a standard wheel tractor as shown here or converted to a front wheel drive cultivating tractor. In order to convert to the cultivating tractor the front axle would be removed and the cultivator, with rear steering wheel, would be attached to the rear.

Here is an example of an Advance Rumely steam traction engine.

Rumely even built trucks.

In 1923 the Advance Rumely Company bought the Aultman Taylor Company. These are four examples of Aultman Taylor tractors. Three are 30-60's and I think the smaller one is a 22-45. The first tractor, with its work clothes on, belongs to Dan Ehlerding and the one painted brown belongs to Howard Horning.