The Rough and Tumble  Engineers Association hosted the Rumely Products Collector's Expo in 1999 at Kinzer PA. This is always a great show and all Rumely's made it that much more special.
Everyone and the ground was impressed by this 40-140 HP M. Rumely steamer.

Here is a pair of 15-30 F's. The first picture is of a roller owned by Jim Ertle of Canandaigua N.Y.. This was a standard 15-30 F that was altered to make a roller. Note that the flywheel is dished to clear the special rear wheels. The front roller wheels were originally smaller in diameter evident by the front steering fork which was lengthened.

Advance Rumely created a tractor to try and win over diehard horse farmers. This Line Drive tractor was controlled completely by a pair of leather reins. This tractor is also owned by Jim Ertle.

This is an Ideal Pull tractor that Rumely built that was not very successful.

This is a power unit made from a light weight Oil Pull engine. Rumely Type M 35 hp ser. #MS41. You don't see too many of these. I wonder how many they built. To e-mail the owner's of this power unit click here.

This is a Rumely Gas Pull tractor. These tractors have two cylinder opposed engines.

Here are a couple of 30-60 E's. The first photo is of an early model (note the large radiator).

Here are a couple more large gas tractors. The first picture is a 25-45 B Rumely and the second is a 30-60 Aultman Taylor.

This a real nice 14-28 H with extension rims.