The 2000 Rumely Products Collector's Expo was hosted by the Northwest Indiana Steam & Gas Ass'n at Lagrange, Indiana. This was the third RPC Expo that I have attended and as always it was very enjoyable. Each expo seams to take it's own unique focus. The '95 expo had a lot of large Oil Pulls, the '99 expo had a large number of unusual Rumely products and the '00 expo had a huge gathering of steam traction engines.
It's not every day you see a 30-60 E with extension rims.  I wish I could have been at the expo Saturday when this tractor plowed.

There were two 15-30 F's at the expo. Both seemed to be constantly in operation. The F in the last two pictures sounded real nice threshing.

There were over sixty Oil Pulls at the expo. Here are a couple of 20-40 G's. The G in the first picture is providing power for a sawmill.

This 15-30 Gas Pull ran real nice as it paraded around the show grounds.

These two tractors represented the Aultman Taylor line. The first picture is of a 30-60 with power steering. The second is a 22-45.

Paul Stoltzfoos brought this model of a 15-30 F. It looks and sounds just like the real thing. He used the frame, transmission and rear wheels from a 12-20 K and the engine is a 15 hp Fairbanks Z.

This is a real nice 40-80 Garr Scott scale tractor.

Now to the steam tractors.

This is a nicely restored 6 horse Advance built in 1890. It's so small that I thought it was a scale model at first.

Here are a pair of larger Advance steam traction engines. Rumely bought the Advance Thresher Co. in 1911.

This 35 horse Advance was the largest tractor at the show.

This is Dennis Rupert's 25 horse M. Rumely.

Pictures do not do justice to the size of these machines. This 30 horse M. Rumely engine belongs to Norm Stevens. In the second picture it is being pulled off the trailer by the 25 horse M. Rumely after the winch broke on the trailer.

Here are three Advance Rumely Universal steam traction engines.

This is a 25 horse Garr-Scott owned by John Schrock.

The tractors at the show were able to demonstrate their abilities. There were two gang plows, two sawmills, two threshing machines, two baker fans and a weight sled.